Parkinson's Patient

SynAgile™ is developing DopaFuse™, designed to be the first patient-friendly, noninvasive therapy for continuous delivery of L-DOPA and carbidopa. The medication is delivered from a small, comfortable device worn in the mouth.

SynAgile's Founders have invented and commercialized products used by millions of patients and physicians. Our Scientific Advisory Board is made up of world-leading PD researchers and clinicians.

Numerous studies of continuous L-DOPA delivery demonstrate reductions of over 65% in time spent in the "off" state and time spent with severe dyskinesias, as well as significant increases in quality of life for people with PD.

SynAgile is dedicated to transforming the treatment of L-DOPA-responsive motor and non-motor complications in patients with Parkinson's disease. Our novel drugs and routes of administration are designed to enable patients to achieve stable plasma L-DOPA concentrations, and to provide convenient, noninvasive, continuous dopaminergic stimulation.

See the OraFuse™ video.


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